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      1. Poplar Meadows :: Registered Black Angus
        Poplar Meadows :: Registered Black Angus
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        Supreme Champion HF Thunderbird 146Y

        Farm Fair 2013

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        Welcome to Poplar Meadows Angus
        Poplar Meadows Angus Welcome

        Our ranch is situated on Highway 16, 3 hours west of Prince George in the beautiful Bulkley Valley in central British Columbia.

        We have been raising Black Aberdeen Angus ttle since 1965 and have been on performance test since 1969. Our angus ttle are raised in a ranch environment with no pampering. We have always selected for fertility, moderate birth weights, structural soundness, maternal traits and rate of gain. As a result of our many years of vigorous selection our ttle are highly predictable.

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        Northern Alliance Bull Sale
        March 19, 2022 / 1PM
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